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We'll keep your property tenanted and guarantee that rent is paid throughout the lease.

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MyProperty will shield you from any tenant disputes and cover related legal costs.

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Leasing your property shouldn't be this complicated.

From rent default to tenant disputes, being a landlord means navigating a mine field.

  • High up front costs
  • Vacancy
  • Rent default
  • High ongoing costs
  • No accountability
  • No transparency
  • Late rent payments
  • Paperwork
  • Tenant Disputes
  • Uncertainty
  • Cashflow issues
  • Time consuming
  • Confusing legislation
  • Lease breaks
  • Legal expenses

We believe in a better rental experience.

MyProperty takes the complexity out of leasing your own property.

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Create a listing and advertise your property across Australia’s biggest sites.

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MyProperty will screen each of your applicants, check references and secure a lease.

Collect Rent

MyProperty will guarantee that rent is paid on time during the lease. No excuses, no late payments.

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Hear what landlords have to say about MyProperty.

  • "Myproperty is a long overdue service! I hate dealing with agents and now finally I don't have to."
    Michael C, Landlord NSW
  • By advertising and communicating with tenants in absence of a real estate agent, it has simplified the process, saved time and money."
    Sienna L, Landlord WA
  • “I switched from using a real estate agency to MyProperty and haven't looked back.”
    Francis T, Landlord VIC
  • "Within three days of signing up we had found suitable tenants and now have them signed up read to take over Mid March."
    Ros L, Landlord QLD
  • "After spending over a month dealing with various agents without any success I stumbled across this amazing service"
    Richard U, Landlord VIC
  • "Thanks for helping me find terrific tenants for my property."
    Andrew H, Landlord NSW