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Why Thousands of Landlords Use MyProperty

  • Advertise Your Property on the Biggest Listing Sites

    List your property on the websites tenants search most, including realestate.com.au, rent.com.au and more.

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    Receive Online AND Phone Enquiries

    Get online AND phone enquiries forwarded straight to your inbox and mobile phone 24/7. No more missed or delayed enquiries.

  • No Advertising Fee. Zero Risk.

    Create a listing and advertise your property on Australia's biggest listing sites with no fees, commissions, contracts or time limits.

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How It Works

MyProperty makes advertising your property fast and easy.
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    You create your property listing by entering your property’s features, description and photos

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    We review your listing to make sure everything’s in order

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    Your advertisement goes live across Australia’s most popular real estate websites

How is it free?

We make money through optional services such as professional photography, advertising upgrades and tenancy checks, this allows us to keep the core advertising platform 100% free.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where will my property be advertised?

    Your property will be listed on all the major rental listing sites including realestate.com.au, rent.com.au, and more.

  • Nothing is free. What's the catch?

    There's no catch. Advertising your property is completely free. We do not charge a listing fee, we do not charge commissions, and there is no hidden contract or time limit.

  • How do you make money?

    We make money through optional services such as professional photography, advertising upgrades and tenancy checks.

  • How long will it take for my listing to be published?

    We’ll generally have your listing reviewed and published within a couple of hours from the time you submit it. Listings are reviewed during our business hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm AEST.

  • How do I receive enquiries?

    Unlike most listing services, we automatically forward both phone and online enquiries straight to your phone number and MyProperty inbox so you never miss an enquiry.

  • Can I edit my advertisement once it is live?

    You can edit and update your advertisement 24/7 no extra cost.

“Without this exposure, the information on my rental property would have not effectively reached the market. I highly recommend using MyProperty for owners to find a tenant. By advertising and communicating with tenants in absence of a real estate agent, it has simplified the process, saved time and money.”

Sienna L, Landlord WA